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Delta Holding for Financial Investments (Delta Holdings) is a joint stock company licensed and regulated by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority under Law # 95 for the year 1992. Established in 2007 with an authorized capital of LE20 Million, Delta Holdings aims to partner in companies in the financial sector. Aided by its founder’s track history in both Banking & Capital Markets, we focus on ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate growth and profitability of local enterprises with capital needs. We act as incubators for these businesses to attain access to the most convenient financing & ultimately list them on NILEX benefiting from the excellent corporate governance and adding more exit options to the companies we incubate.
Delta Holdings focuses mainly on small and medium size businesses, with young well educated entrepreneurs and family businesses in management transitions.
We additionally attempt to ensure the application of Sharia in all partnership modules.
We have a preliminary screening process to identify our long relationship with the companies we are to incubate and hence provide our value added model "Entrepreneur Development & Graduation".
Our value added is providing business assistance, which is structured based on the need of each and every case but is seen as a technical support unit to allow the entrepreneur to concentrate on his front end of the business whilst we effectively work hand in hand with the back office to graduate the client to the next level to achieve maximum potential.

31 Geziret El Arab Street, Mohandeseen, Giza, 12411, Egypt
Tel: +20-2-33000301 Fax: +20-2-33472180

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